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Meagher County, Montana

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The only county in Montana with a castle

Welcome to Meagher County

The county seat is in White Sulphur Springs, but also includes the communities of Martinsdale, Checkerboard, Lennep and Ringling.

Our mission is to make your local government as accessible as possible. There are many ways you can get involved and directly influence the kind of governance you enjoy.

We have included access to the latest minutes from the county commissioners and current board members - contact information and district maps... 2011 budget information, election results and links to social services.

We value your input - email us with a suggestion.


Bair Company
sheep wagon

A Little Hot Water Put This Town on The Map

In 1876, James Brewer sold his interest in Brewer’s Springs to Dr. William Parberry and the town became named White Sulphur Springs. Native Americans had used the springs for many generations as a place of “healing waters”. The natural hot springs in Dr. Parberry’s time were compared to the famous Baden-Baden hot springs in Germany. A great many peopled traveled from all over the country to partake in the waters. A hotel was built, and plans were made by John Ringling to build a plush and fancy Victorian resort. Unfortunately, the Great Depression interfered with Ringling’s plan and the resort was never built.

Fortunately for the modern traveler, the hot springs are still available and just as relaxing and wonderful as they were in the early years. Now called The Spa Hot Springs, the water is a pure mixture of underground water with a high degree of dissolved minerals. The most notable mineral is sulfur that has bubbled through the underground rocks, heated by magma and pushed to the surface by convection currents. According to Dr. Gene Gudmunson, owner of The Spa, the water’s purity and high mineral content is beneficial for the skin, leaving it moisturized and soft. Not a single chemical is added to the water and that is good news for people with sensitive skin and young children. The pools are drained and refilled with a constant supply of hot water each and every day.

For generations now this valley has been home to many kinds of agriculture - from the early days of sheep ranching on the open range and the dominence of C.M. Bair in Martinsdale to the opulence of the Ringling household and the subsequent evolution of the ranching to fenced cattle and hay production - this fertile area remains a productive ranching community. You can even be a guest on a working cattle spread and truely sample the old west - in all its dusty glory.

For more information on original homesteads in Meagher County visit our Historical Society page.

Spring calving

Opportunities for Fun

There are hundreds of things to do from here; you should make White Sulphur your “base camp.” We have one big advantage for the summer vacationer; location, location, location. From the center of Montana you can access all of the "Big Sky Country." Within a days travel you can experience; camping, hiking, fishing, rodeos, street dances, parades and much more. Our summer days are filled with spirited fun. We invite you to join in and sample some of our famous Montana hospitality.

Lodging & Dining - There are many dining and lodging choices. From a quick stop at the local "fast food" places to a nice sit down meal with adult beverages... and then there are all the options for fun and adventure:

Fishing - Pristine mountain lakes and streams promise a bounty of cutthroat, brook, rainbow and brown trout.

Floating - The world famous Smith River is a once in a lifetime thrill. The fishing is fantastic and the scenery sublime. Reservations are required.

Camping - Whether it’s RV style or a backpacking trip the opportunities are everywhere. Stop by the Forest Service (located at 204 West Folsom) for maps, directions and advice.

Hiking - 860 miles of trails in seven mountain ranges. From easy walks to mountain falls to week long treks to 10,000 feet; we have it all.

Mountain Biking - Catch some radical air, or a gentle cruise. Backroads, groomed trails or wilderness areas are all accessible from here.

History of the West - The "Castle" in White Sulphur provides visitors with an authentic look at the gilded age of the cattle kings and mining barons. The Bair Family Museum in Martinsdale is a tribute to the opulence of one of Montana’s greatest sheep producers. Includes several CM Russell and Sharp oil paintings and native artifacts. Both open mid May to mid September.

Touring by Car - From mountain peaks to meadows of wildflowers, photo opps abound at every compass point. Wildlife, virgin prairie and the Old West; it’s a picture paradise.

Boating - Lake Sutherlin, Newlan Creek, Martinsdale and the Bair Reservoirs all offer easy access to great boating and fishing.

Golfing - 10 courses within 100 miles of White Sulphur or the local favorite, Arrowhead Meadows open 8 to 8 daily.

Ghost Towns & Gold - Dance halls, saloons, boarding houses, outlaws, miners, saints and sinners. If only these hills could talk. Diamond City, Castle, Copperopolis, Confederate Gulch, Ubet, Fort Logan and Hughesville to name just a few.

Hot Springs - Let the hot mineral water at “The Spa” soothe, refresh and invigorate you. Guests use the pool at no extra charge. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Parades and Rodeos - Join us for Memorial Day, the 4th of July or Labor Day. A real parade kicks off the summer holidays. Cheer the kids on their floats, admire the horses and laugh at the clowns. The rodeo action can’t be beat.

Downtown - Catch up on the local news, find out where the fish are biting and sample a good old-fashioned rancher’s breakfast. Western wear, gifts, antiques, hardware, groceries, sporting goods, a drug store and more are all within an easy walk.


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